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The Clematis for Beginners List was originally created by the members of the International Clematis Society from all over the world after three years of debate. Conscious that Issue 2.0 was becoming out of dated, at the meeting and conference of the International Clematis Society in the UK in 2015, members were asked for their comments in order to update the list yet again. This was not confined to attendees, all members had the opportunity to input to the process and many did. The result is Issue 3.0, available on this website and as a downloadable publication in English, German, Dutch and Swedish. We hope to have a French version available in the future.

The purpose of the List is to help people with little or no experience of growing Clematis to choose the varieties and cultivars that are not only beautiful, but also reliable, easy to grow, and resistant to common clematis diseases including Clematis Wilt.

The names of Clematis in the list conform to The Clematis Register and Checklist 2002 published by RHS (Royal Horticultural Society). However you may see them for sale with slightly different labels. We have included many of these "common names", they are shown below within [...]. If in doubt, please ask an assistant.

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Where indicated on the name of the clematis, there is a link to the Society's 'Clematis of the Month' page that featured this cultivar.

Blooming times are given by season for northern Europe with an indication of the months that this applies to but there will be variation between the north and south of Northern Europe. Blooming time may also vary from one year to another.

All these clematis have pictures and information on the Clematis on the Web website and by clicking on the Clematis on the Web icon for each Clematis you will be taken directly to the relevant page.

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