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Society events are open to both members of the International Clematis Society and members of affiliated Societies, though where the number of places is limited, preference will be given to I.Cl.S. members.

Portland, Oregon, USA - 2019

The Society is hoping to offer a meeting in Portland, Oregon, USA in 2019. This will be in conjunction with the Friends of the Rogerson Collection. It is probably to be held towards the end of June 2019 and last for a week or so.

Linda Beutler, our past president, is coordinating activities to prepare the program of visits, events, accommodation, travel, etc., and we hope to release details by early September.

Although the Society was in Georgia and Pennsylvania in 2014, we have not visited Portland since 2010. Those who have been before will, we believe, find much has changed, especially in the Rogerson Clematis Collection, which will certainly appear on the itinerary. However, Linda is hoping to include many new private gardens not visited in previous years.

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Denmark - 2020

Previous plans for a garden trip through Denmark were put on hold due to health issues with one of the organisers. We are happy to say that these plans are now being revisited to see if it would be possible to organize a trip in 2020. It is not yet known when in the year the trip might take place.

It is likely that we would travel the length of Denmark, from north to south and finishing near Hamburg to visit two German Clematis Nurseries.

A slight warning, Denmark is quite an expensive country. We do not yet know how much such trip would cost.

The emphasis would be to visit private gardens of clematis lovers in Denmark. There are quite a few, but they tend to be in small clusters, so our itinerary might require visiting days and a few travelling days.

We will be investigating itineraries over the winter and spring of next year and hope to have a better idea of what we can offer by the middle of 2019.

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Denver, Colorado, USA - 2021

The Society has provisionally been invited to hold a meeting based in and around the Denver Botanic Gardens in 2021. Some of our US members have good contacts with the Botanic Gardens and believe we could put together a very interesting program. We will update you with further details as they emerge.

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