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Society events are open to both members of the International Clematis Society and members of affiliated Societies, though where the number of places is limited, preference will be given to I.Cl.S. members.


As regular visitors will know, unfortunately the Society was been unable to continue with the original idea of visit to Denmark in 2017.

The Society has looked into organizing a alternate programme in Scotland but has regretfully come to the conclusion that a plan cannot be put together in time to have necessary details in place for our registration process in a timely manner. As members will read in the address from our President, Linda Beutler, in the September Newsletter, there will be no formal meeting and conference of the Society in 2017.

The Society is actively pursuing planning a meeting in Scotland in 2018 and will release details as they become available.

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The Society continues to actively plan a meeting in Scotland in 2018. After an intensive (and rather wet!) week visiting many gardens and other attractions, we are now favouring early July for the meeting as there should be more to see and admire. However one can never guarantee what the seasons will be like, whether flowers will be unusually early or conversely later than normal.

We still hope to publish details in August / September 2017. And as we have already said, in order to secure accommodation, etc., it is quite likely that the period for registration will be shorter than is often the case.

We will publish information just as soon as possible.

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