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First of all, I am delighted to tell you that the Society has a new Newsletter Editor who is Laura Watson, a Council Member who lives in Seattle, USA. Laura is kindly taking some of the work load off Fiona and Ken Woolfenden of running the Society.

The latest newsletter distributed by the Society is the February 2020 Newsletter. This was emailed out to members for whom we have an email address on 20th February. 

The Seed Exchange List had already been emailed out to members on the 11th February.

Members have also been emailed regarding their membership status.

Paper copies have been posted to those members for who are unable / unwilling to receive these things electronically.

For this email Laura is using state-of-the-art software which gives a much more colourful and professional looking experience. Behind the scenes the software makes it easier to manage sending out of emails and dealing with the inevitable 'bounces'. If you have not received the Newsletter please check your spam folder and contact us, if necessary, at the email address below.

A few of the highlights are:

A Note from the President, Jeff Jabco
Denmark 2020 (July 11 - 18) (See Future Events tab on the left)
New Web Address for Clematis on the Web (See homepage)
Golden Clematis Awards (It is time to nominate someone for an award at our next Constitutional General Meeting. See Golden Clematis Awards tab on the left)
Events of Other Clematis Organizations:
        British Clematis Society (See Clematis Links tab on homepage)
        Rogerson Clematis Garden (USA)  (See Clematis Links tab on homepage)
        Delaware/Columbus Clematis Meeting, Ohio USA, September 2020 (See Future Events tab on the left)

The Society would like as many Members as possible to accept electronic distribution of Newsletters as it reduces postage and photocopying costs as well as requiring less manual effort.

Please email me NOW to say 'YES to Email!' at clematis@clematisinternational.com and I'll pass the good news on!

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