Clematis Nursery Plant Catalogues

The purpose of this part of the web site is to request you to send us old Clematis Nursery Plant Catalogues and for us to provide you with information on the Clematis Catalogues which are already held.

The Society is collecting Clematis Nursery Catalogues from members (and anyone else), to then forward them to the UK's Royal Horticultural Society Lindley Library, said to be the world's finest horticultural library.

Once the Catalogues have been incorporated in the Lindley Library collection, they will be available for retrieval by members of the Society with prior notice. As well as providing a formalized method of access, it also means that Clematis Nursery Catalogues are held securely and not in the houses of members.

If you are having a clear out or "downsizing" and want to find a worthy home for your old Clematis Nursery Catalogues, please send us your old catalogues rather than throw them away.

Two lists, one of the current holdings of Clematis Nursery Catalogues and a second list of Nurseries who are identified as "climbing plant" or "climber" specialists (which includes e.g. J. Bradshaw & Son, Busheyfields Nursery, Kent) have been provided by Duncan Donald, The RHS International Clematis Registrar.

Please select the collection of catalogues that you wish to look at from the left hand pane.

Once you have studied the list and checked your collection of Nursery Catalogues please contact us for the address to post your old Clematis Nursery Catalogues to.

The RHS are also able to accept scans of the Catalogues, please contact us for more information.

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