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Early Small Flowered Clematis


Pruning Group 1 - prune after flowering as needed.

These cultivars, originating from C. montana, flower very freely from mid spring into early summer (late April to early June). They are vigorous growers, reaching up to 8 metres, but unfortunately are not fully hardy, so unsuitable for harsh climates or colder situations, especially if the winter temperature goes below -15C. If in doubt, seek local advice. They should be grown in a warm sheltered position, against a tall support e.g. a tree.

C. 'Broughton Star' C. 'Broughton Star' - deep pink, semi-double flowers. Clematis on the Web
C. 'Mayleen' C. 'Mayleen' - pink flowers. Clematis on the Web
C. montana var. grandiflora C. montana var. grandiflora [montana Grandiflora] - white flowers. Clematis on the Web

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