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Other Late Small Flowered Clematis


The following cultivars vary in origin and characteristics, but all of them bloom on new wood and require hard pruning in early spring. Please consult labels for size, habit and pruning advice.

C. heracleifolia 'Cassandra' C. heracleifolia 'Cassandra' - small, deep-blue, strongly scented, hyacinth-shaped flowers. Stems semi-erect or scrambling from 60-100 cm. Clematis on the Web
C. mandshurica C. mandshurica - a perennial clematis with non clinging stems reaching up to 1,5 m. From late summer into early autumn (July - September) the plant becomes a billowing cloud of small white sweetly scented flowers. Clematis on the Web
C. 'Paul Farges' C. 'Paul Farges' SUMMER SNOW - a vigorous climber growing up to 7 m; a very healthy and hardy clematis. Throughout the summer the whole plant is veiled with small white flowers (4 cm in diameter). Very handsome deep green leaves. It's perfectly suited for screening purposes while being undemanding and fully hardy. It's a hybrid of C. vitalba but more valuable than the species. Clematis on the Web
C. 'Praecox' C. 'Praecox' [C. 'Jouiniana Praecox'] - the best of all ground cover clematis. It's a perennial climber with non-clinging stems up to 3-4 m. In July-August masses of small creamy-violet flowers are scattered over the whole plant. Quite undemanding. Clematis on the Web

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