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Pruning Group 3 - hard prune in early spring.

All the Clematis in this group have small, bell-shaped, yellow flowers that are followed by fluffy, silky seedheads. Depending on the variety they bloom from early June to late autumn on new wood, and can reach between 2 and 6 m in height. They look best when grown in a sunny position. They should be planted in well-drained, permeable soils, as they do not like wet soil in winter. They can grow in hot and cold extreme conditions provided drainage is very good and they won't be bothered by a little dryness. All cultivars from this group are perfect for creating screens and growing into large trees. Best pruned hard.

They are easy to grow from seed, but this means they may not be as labelled. It is often best to buy from a reputable nursery.

C.  'Bill MacKenzie' C. 'Bill MacKenzie' - fully open flowers borne from late summer into autumn (July to October). Stems reach 4 - 6 m. Clematis on the Web
C.  'Helios' C. 'Helios' - fully open flowers borne in the summer and into autumn (between June and October). Not fully hardy, it can freeze in harsh winters. Stems reach up to 3 m. Clematis on the Web
C. 'Kugotia' Golden Tiara C. 'Kugotia' GOLDEN TIARA - fully open intense golden-yellow flowers with deep violet stamens, borne from July to October. Stems grow up to 3 m. Clematis on the Web
C. 'Lambton Park' C. 'Lambton Park' - most valuable cultivar in this group. Comparatively large, partly open flowers are borne abundantly from June to October. Stems reach up to 4-5 m. Clematis on the Web

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