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C. baldwinii
January 2016
C. baldwinii
C. 'Murasaki no Ue'
February 2016
C. 'Murasaki no Ue'
C. 'Joe Zary'
March 2016
C. 'Joe Zary'
C. alpina 'Pamela Jackman'
April 2016
C. alpina
'Pamela Jackman'
C. 'Princess Red'©Deborah Hardwick
May 2016
C. 'Princess Red'
C. × diversifolia 'Heather Herschell'©Mia Broder
June 2016
C. × diversifolia
'Heather Herschell'
C. 'Cleminov 51' SAPHIRA® INDIGO
July 2016
C. 'Cleminov 51'
C. 'Purpurea Plena Elegans'
August 2016
C. 'Purpurea
Plena Elegans'
C. 'Semu'
September 2016
C. 'Semu'
C. 'Juuli'
October 2016
C. 'Juuli'
C. integrifolia
November 2016
C. integrifolia
C. fusca var. coreana
December 2016
C. fusca
var. coreana

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