Clematis 'Evipo030' BIJOU

Clematis of the Month for May 2024

Described by Barbara Evans

C. 'Evipo030' BIJOU©Barbara Evans

C. 'Evipo030' BIJOU is aptly named as it is indeed a jewel

Clematis 'Evipo030' BIJOU was introduced by Raymond Evison in 2005 as part of the Flora Collection. This new Collection consists of very compact, low growing plants that are useful as groundcover. Evison's Guernsey Nursery plans to increase the range of these increasingly popular smaller clematis.

Sometimes described as dwarf clematis, these newer varieties are perfectly suited to growing in containers. They grow 30-45 cm (12-18 inches) and are mound-forming so don't require staking or support. In his book, Clematis for Small Spaces, Evison writes that they are "ideal for window boxes, planters or hanging baskets — so even someone with the tiniest garden or balcony can enjoy growing these compact new clematis". Imagine a hanging basket with beautiful clematis flower stems curling out over the edges – or the enjoyment one of these easy-care and colorful clematis can bring to a quiet small apartment balcony.

C. 'Evipo030' BIJOU©Barbara Evans C. 'Evipo030' BIJOU©Barbara Evans

C. 'Evipo030' BIJOU is a bushy plant with attractive dark green leaves producing a large number of overlapping flowers when in full bloom. The 7.5-11 cm (3-4.5 inches) wide single flowers are a rich blue-violet with subtle pink striping and pink tipped anthers. Depending on the lighting, some describe the color as mauvy-blue or even violet. The sepals have slightly ruffled edges coming to a sharp point at the tip which gives a delicate elfin air to this robust little plant. As an early large flowered clematis, prune lightly as for pruning type 2. It originated from a controlled cross of C. 'Silver Moon' with an unnamed male seedling. It is recommended for growing in USA zones 4-9.

My first plant of C. 'Evipo030' BIJOU was purchased five years ago and has been happily growing in a thick-walled stone container with some fresh potting soil and fertilizer added each spring. In my zone 5/6 garden, it overwinters outside with sometimes a burlap cover to decrease snowload. It's best with half to full sun and only requires light pruning. Repeat bloom easily occurs given the encouragement of fertilizer and deadheading. With care, this gem can supply flowers almost all summer.

The photo below is a single stem of late summer rebloom - as pretty as the early summer blooms.

C. 'Evipo030' BIJOU©Barbara Evans

Last spring I couldn't resist purchasing a second plant of C. 'Evipo030' BIJOU. This one is currently in a plastic pot to be planted in the ground this year. A similar clematis, C. 'Evipo029' FILIGREE, also from the Flora Collection, has been doing well in the ground with me for the past eight years. I expect this second C. 'Evipo030' BIJOU to do as well. Already there are lots of fat April buds!

C. 'Evipo030' BIJOU©Barbara Evans

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