Example Clematis Trial Contract

In Clematis International 2008, Wim Snoeijer, in his article "Some Commercial Advice for Amateur Clematis Breeders", refers to an example of a contract that could be used between a Clematis Breeder and a Nursery which is going to carry out a trial of a new clematis cultivar to decide whether it is garden-worthy and should be propagated and sold.

You can download a copy of this example contract in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format by clicking on this Example Clematis Trial Contract - .pdf format. If you wish to make any changes you should download the .rtf version by clicking on Example Clematis Trial Contract - .rtf format. You will then be able to modify this using most word processor programs.

Please note, this is an example of the type of contract suggested to be used. It has not however been legally vetted nor can it be guaranteed to be applicable or sufficient for all geographic locations. You should take legal advice before using this or any other contract. The Society the Editor and the Author cannot accept any responsibility for any action or inaction resulting from use of this or a similar contract.

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