I.Cl.S. - The Questions & Answers Team

Questions are answered by a small team of dedicated enthusiasts. We aim to ask a member who lives close to you, which is why we ask where you live - conditions in different locations can be very different.

Bill Bird, a past Vice President of the Society from the USA. Bill does not answer questions any more but is acknowledged here both for his previous efforts and his legacy on many pages of this section of the website.

Linda Beutler, garden writer and currator of the Friends of the Rogerson Clematis Collection in Portland, Oregon helps Bill answer the questions from America.

Peter Keeping is a past Council Member and a clematis enthusiastic from Ontario, Canada who responds to many queries raised by Canadian Clematis growers.

Fiona Woolfenden, Secretary of our Society from north of London, Great Britain will probably answer your query if you live in the UK.

Ton Hannink, our President, is an enthusiast and knowledgeable clematis grower from the Netherlands.

Jürgen Knickmann, one of the founder members of the Society, originally from Germany but now a resident of Austria.

Jon and Ruth Gooch, Jon was a previous Editor, and with his wife Ruth runs a specialist Clematis Nursery in Norfolk, Great Britain - they help out on some of the more specialized questions.

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