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We're delighted to hear from our visitors, with comments and/or suggestions about this web site, and to ask questions of the Society (one question at a time, please) on clematis related topics. But before you do, have you checked our Growing Queries page, your answer may be waiting for you there!

We get a lot of questions so please be patient. We aim to reply to all queries within 5 - 10 days, but at busy times, it may take us a little longer. But we believe the wait will be worthwhile.

Important Notice

Unfortunately this website has recently been targeted with false use of this Feedback/Query form. Whilst it is not "dangerous", it wastes time and effort and confuses correct use of this facility. As a temporary measure until a more permanent method can be implemented, this form has been suspended.

In the interim, please submit your feedback and/or questions by email, giving the following information.

The email address to use is

Note - Hardiness Zones
It helps us to know in what climate you're trying to grow clematis and being a truly international society, we get questions from all over the world. The easiest way to express this is to use the US Dept. of Agriculture defined Hardiness Zones, based on average minimum temperature. However these can only give a rough guide to the climatic conditions.
The Zones are defined as follows:

Zone Average Annual Minimum Temperature
2 -45 C to -40 C -49 F to -40 F
3 -40 C to -35 C -40 F to -31 F
4 -35 C to -29 C -31 F to -20 F
5 -29 C to -23 C -20 F to -9 F
6 -23 C to -18 C -9 F to 0 F
7 -18 C to -12 C 0 F to 10 F
8 -12 C to -7 C 10 F to 19 F
9 -7 C to -1 C 19 F to 30 F
10 -1 C to 4 C 30 F to 39 F
11 above 4 C above 39 F

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