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Clematis International is the journal of this Society. It aims to bring news, views, and articles on all matters related to Clematis and this Society to our members, irrespective of where they live and whether or not they are able to participate in the other activities of the Society.

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Request for Articles for Clematis International

Clematis International relies on you, the membership, for the content of this journal. Look through past journals and you'll see the wide cross-section of our membership who have submitted articles. It is the variety, in content and style, which this leads to that makes our Journal something special and I am determined to retain this.

We are a multi-facetted society, our members span all aspects of interest in clematis, dedicated amateurs - nursery - scientific - horticultural - casual, and there is a place for the views of every group within the pages of the journal. Being truly international, with members in more than 25 countries, what may seem commonplace to members in one can be a revelation to members in another.

We're always interested in your articles and ideas, be they about individual visits, members gardens, new varieties, growing/pruning techniques, horticultural research, indeed anything and everything clematis related. Chances are, if you've found something interesting or rewarding, so will other members.

Articles don't have to be many sides of writing, even one or two paragraphs is welcome. Nor do you have to be a professional writer to express your thoughts and ideas in an interesting and informative manner. And finally, if you feel your English may not be quite up to standard, do not fear, this can be corrected during editing as well.

Articles can be submitted electronically by email (preferred), on CD, typed on paper or even hand written. To illustrate articles we can accept most image forms. The preference these days is for high resolution digital images, generally in .jpg or .tif format though others may be acceptable. 35mm transparencies (dias) are also welcomed. Finally photos can be used but must be sharp and clear. If in doubt, please contact me. Deadline for Clematis International is the end of December, though the sooner I receive things the better.

So why not have a go?

Ken Woolfenden, Editor.

Please send your articles to me:-

Ken Woolfenden
Editor, Clematis International
3 Cuthberts Close
Great Britain
icls editor

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