I.Cl.S. - Layering Clematis

You might want to try to create a new plant by layering your clematis. Bury a one gallon pot about eighteen inches from the base of the mother plant and fill it with potting soil. Train a new shoot to the pot, and when it is about 3 feet long, bury a bud union in the pot, cover with about one inch of potting soil, and place a small rock over the section to keep it in place. It sometimes helps to nick the buried section and dress it with rooting hormone.

Keep the pot well watered and mulched, and in about a year you should have a new plant with a good root system confined to the pot.

Separate it from the mother plant and plant it in its new location. You can bury the attached 'tail' from the mother plant under your new plant and that will form roots to supply the new plant in time.

Bill Bird, USA

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