Clematis 'Anita'
Clematis 'Anita'©Roy Nunn

Clematis of the Month for May 2007

Group Tangutica (Ref. International Clematis Register and Checklist 2002)
Hybrid of C. potaninii var. fargesii x tangutica? (see below)
Raised by R. Zwijnenburg in 1988
Seed parent C. potaninii var. fargesii open pollinated, which would seem to indicate affinity to the Section Clematis, Subsection Potaninianae. (Ref. British Clematis Society Journal, The Clematis ,1992)

After reading an account about the parentage of C. 'Anita' in the British Clematis Society journal of 1992, we first saw this plant in flower on a visit to Boskoop, Holland in 1993, where we purchased a plant (amongst a few other cultivars). On our return C. 'Anita' was planted at the end of a Leylandii hedge where if gradually developed into a strong and very free flowering plant. The Leylandii hedge is no more, as it was removed about three years ago. C. 'Anita' was dug up at this time and moved further down the garden to a place where the hedge had been removed two years earlier.

C. 'Anita' growing with C. 'Kugotia' GOLDEN TIARA®©Roy Nunn
C 'Anita' growing with C. 'Kugotia' GOLDEN TIARA

Since being moved it has continued to thrive. After a period on its own, firstly competing with a Leylandii hedge, it now has a few companions which adds to the appeal of the plant. Firstly a C. rehderiana was planted adjacent to 'Anita' followed by C. 'Kugotia' GOLDEN TIARA and C. 'Walsenburg' (which has usually finished flowering before the three previously mentioned clematis). C. 'Anita' usually flowers (for us) late August into October. It has white, 4 to 6 sepalled flowers, only about 4 cm. across with quite prominent yellow anthers, and grows to about 4 metres in our garden, but can reach up to 6 metres.

Grown on its own, it is not a particularly spectacular plant, but when combined with other clematis with the same flowering period (especially if the combination includes clematis with yellow sepals) it makes a quite spectacular display.

C. 'Anita growing with C. rehderiana©Roy Nunn
C. 'Anita' combined with C. rehderiana

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