Clematis 'Fujimusume'
Clematis 'Fujimusume'©Ton Hannink

Clematis of the Month for August 2007

When I saw the first time this clematis I was impressed about the special blue colour of the flower for a clematis. The plant was not very common at that time but nowadays this clematis is more available.

The name Fujimusume means a young lady wearing a kimono printed with the Wisteria flower and a bamboo hat on her head, she puts a branch of wisteria on her shoulder. Fujimusume also means the title of Japanese traditional solo dance of a young girl who is in love and has a desperate feeling. It was given the first public performance in Bunsei 9 (1826), Edo era at Nakamura theater.

Clematis 'Fujimusume' is a Japanese cultivar created by Seijozo Arai in 1952. The plant is created by the crossing of C. 'The President' and C. 'Asagasumi'. C. 'The President' is a well known cultivar and C. 'Asagasumi' is a white Japanese cultivar.

Clematis 'Fujimusume'©Ton Hannink The plant has exquisite blue flowers which you do not find in any other clematis. The rounded flowers have a central star of golden yellow stamens. The flower buds are very large and plump with short whitish hairs. The flowering time is late spring and beginning summer. The size of the flowers is about 16 centimetres. The flowers of the second time flowering in the year are smaller. Pruning after the first flowers gives new shoots and later the second time flowering.

Even the attractive golden seed heads are worth keeping on the plant. Most of these seeds are viable and after sowing you get your young plants within one year.

The height of the plant is 2-2.5 metres and it is a strong growing plant. The plant belongs to group 2 or 3 for pruning but for this size of clematis there is no need to prune if you start in the right way after planting this cultivar. After planting you must prune the plant directly after the 2nd or 3rd node! Prune the young stems in the first year again after the 2nd node and so on.

This cultivar is excellent for growing over fences, walls, arbors, pergolas, trellises and wooden supports. You also can use this cultivar as a climber over natural supports such as shrubs, roses etc. A combination with a pale yellow rose is really beautiful. Make the right combination with your host plant so that the guest plant does not overgrow the clematis and reversed.

Clematis 'Fujimusume' is excellent for containers with a small trellis. Give the plant a pot of a good size, special soil for container plants. Give the plant enough water in spring and summer and every 14 days fertilizer. I use for my clematis in containers the following fertilizer 10:30:20(N:P:K) and every 3 weeks iron chelate.

Ton Hannink Ton Hannink

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