Clematis 'Stasik'
Clematis 'Stasik'©Ton Hannink

Clematis of the Month for September 2008

Clematis 'Stasik' was raised by Maria Sharonova of Moscow in 1972. It is a seedling of C. 'Ernest Markham'. It is a compact plant and named after her grandson. Stasik is a shortened name of Stanislav.

Clematis 'Stasik'©Ton HanninkClematis 'Stasik' has reddish purple flowers and until now there is not a real red Clematis. 'Red' cultivars are C. 'Westerplatte', C. 'Gravetye Beauty', C. 'Niobe', C. 'Fireflame' and C. 'Ernest Markham', but none is really red. The colour is depending on the place, shadow or full sun, and the time of the flower, begin or end. But this is enough discussion about red Clematis.

The anthers are reddish-purple and the underneath of the flower has a white bar.

The size of the flower is 10-12 cm(4-5 inches).

C. 'Stasik' belongs to the more moderate clematis and grows 120-200 cm(4 to 6 feet). The flowering time starts in July and ends in October. Whilst the plant does not perform as well as those Clematis cultivars with a lot of flowers, the special colour makes it worth growing.

The plant prefers a place in partial shade but full sun is also possible, although then the colour is not so brilliant. The hardiness of C. 'Stasik' is very good and it can be grown in Zones 4 - 11.

Clematis 'Stasik'©Ton HanninkThis cultivar belongs to group 3 for pruning and can be pruned hard.

C. 'Stasik' can be placed again a fence but it is better to let it grow through a shrub or a small tree. The colour of the flowers makes a good combination with the leaves of trees, and a good idea is to use a shrub that flowers in Spring, so that the shrub is beautiful in Autumn due to the leaves working with the flowers of this Clematis.

Clematis 'Stasik'©Ton Hannink
A good combination can also be made with a small climbing rose.

C 'Stasik' is very useful as a container plant. Put two plants in a container with good soil, place the container in half shade and give the plants enough water and fertilizer(20:20:20).

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