Clematis 'Miniseelik'
C. 'Miniseelik'©Ton Hannink

Clematis of the Month for November 2008

Clematis 'Miniseelik' is becoming more and more popular because this small growing Clematis can be used in several ways.

C. 'Miniseelik' was raised by Uno Kivistik of Estonia in 1982. It is a seedling of C. 'Iubileinyi-70' × pollen mixture. C. 'Miniseelik' means "miniskirt".

This compact plant, usually not more than 1.5 - 1.8 metres (4½ - 6 feet) tall, has beautiful small 6-7 cm flowers. The flowers have six or seven tepals and the tepals are overlapping. The color of the flowers is deep reddish purple and composed with a central white stripe. Mature flowers change to purplish red and the white stripe takes on a pronounced red veining. The flowers of C. 'Miniseelik' are more attractive as the mother C. 'Iubileinyi-70'.

Anthers are greenish-yellow and the filaments are white.

Flowering time is July - October.

Hardy in zones 4-9.
C. 'Miniseelik'©Ton HanninkThe pruning group is 3. The plant need pruning in late winter or early spring, or even later in the season, depending on the time that spring arrives. The best practice is to look at the plant and make a well-shaped clematis by removing the old and dead wood to keep the plant in shape because this clematis is a small plant and does not grow very fast.

C. 'Miniseelik' is not very good for a wall, trellis or fence because the plant is too low. Combinations with small shrubs and roses are worth trying because C. 'Miniseelik' does not grow too strongly and has a lot flowers during the flowering season. It's a good clematis for a border. The compact size and habit of C. 'Miniseelik' also make it a very good container clematis.

C. 'Miniseelik' bud©Ton HanninkIf you grow clematis in containers then you must give them enough water in spring and summer. A little fertilizer every fourteen days is also a must for a healthy plant and for a lot of flowers. Also you should change the soil every two years.

During an open day at a clematis nursery I saw the plant in a hanging basket. It was an fantastic sight and they sold very well. However once again you must ensure that the plant gets enough water and fertilizer.

All in all it is a very versatile and useful clematis, especially for a balcony and a small garden.

Ton Hannink Ton Hannink

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