Clematis 'Edward Prichard'
C. 'Edward Prichard'©Ton Hannink

Clematis of the Month for March 2010

C. 'Edward Prichard'©Ton HanninkClematis 'Edward Prichard' is a hybrid raised by Russell V. Prichard in Australia in 1950. The plant was published in; J.RHS 76: 152(1951). This hybrid is a very special hybrid between two species Clematis tubulosa × recta (C. heracleifolia var. davidiana × recta). If you try to make this kind of hybrid is not very easy or even successful.

This plant is usually not more than 1-1.2 metres tall. The flowers are 3.5-4 cm across and pale mauve. The 4 tepals are narrow lanceolate and a darker color tone toward the obtuse tip. Stamens are yellow to cream. The leaves are pinnate with 5 deeply toothed leaflets.

C. 'Edward Prichard'©Ton HanninkFlowers appear from July to October. The plant has during the flowering period a lot of small flowers. This hybrid is one of the most fragrant clematis. C. tubulosa and C. recta are both fragrant but this combination gives a fabulous result.

The plant can be pruned very hard in the beginning of the year (Group 3) and pruning keeps the plant in a good condition. Clematis 'Edward Prichard' needs a rather dry place in the garden especially in winter otherwise you will loose the plant. A lot of hobbyists have lost this beautiful plant because they kept the plant too wet. It is not a climbing plant but an herbaceous plant. Place the plant in the border between low plants and in an area where you can sit in the summer in your garden and enjoy the very delightful aroma.

This cultivar is quite hardy under good conditions.

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