Clematis dasyandra, Maxim

Clematis of the Month for November 2014

C. dasyandra ©Ton Hannink

Section: Connatae

Subsection: Connatae

Distribution: China: S Gansu, S Shaanxi and N Sichuan

Flowering: (September to November in the wild) but in Holland from November to December.

Habitat: In shrubbery on open localities at streams, in forests and forests edges, 1700--2400 m.

First Recorded: Maximowic in Acta Horti Petropolitani 11:7,1890

First in cultivation: In 2010 from China by Ton Hannink

The flowers of Clematis dasyandra are campanulate, red purple or purple . The flowers are 10-15 mm across and 10-15 mm long (approx. ½inch by inch), and the sepal roll back at the tip. Cymes axillary, 1- or 3--9-flowered, on the current season stems. The stamens are very hairy and longer as the curved sepals.
C. dasyandra bud C. dasyandra foliage

The leaves are pinnate and light green. Because the leaves are small and light green the flowers are good to see on the plant even as the small size of the flowers.

In 2011 I got labeled seeds with a code from China and from one batch of seeds there plants develop with rather strange leaves and when the flowers appear they look like C. dasyandra. The leaves were more or less pinnate. Below the flower and leaf of this wild deviant species.

Wild deviant species

Clematis dasyandra is very close related to C. lasiandra and the most important difference is the pinnate leaves of C. dasyandra. On the various C. dasyandra which I have seen the flowers are more red than those on C. lasiandra.

The stems grow to 2-4 meters (6 to 12 feet).

The plant prefers acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils. It can grow in full sun or in semi-shade (light woodland). Place the plant in full sun in Western Europe, otherwise you do not get open flowers as the beginning of winter starts before C. dasyandra has started flowering. It requires not too moist soil during the summer and in winter the soil must be rather dry otherwise you will loose the plant. I do not know if the plant is hardy in Holland because the plant is the whole year in the greenhouse.

Pruning must be done if the plant gets too large. The pruning time is spring because the plant has flower in November/December.

Propagation from seeds is easy; the seeds germinate within 6 months at 20 degrees Celsius. I have my plant from China but no location.

Cuttings can be taken of young wood and will root within 2 months.

Ton Hannink Ton Hannink

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