Clematis 'Vitiwester'®BURNING LOVE

Clematis of the Month for October 2017

described by Ton Hannink

C. 'Vitiwester'©Ton Hannink

At the beginning of 2000 I obtained a wild Clematis viticella from Croatia. At that time I was very busy making crossings with small Clematis and therefore I used this wild species. One of the crossings was Clematis viticella × C. 'Westerplatte'. I collected seeds of this crossing and after at least one year the seeds germinated, though only a few young plants survived.

At the end of summer in 2005 I discovered, between all my crossings, a very 'red' small Clematis. Initially I thought that it was a bad flower of C. 'Westerplatte'. I searched for the label and was very surprised that the plant was a Clematis viticella × C. 'Westerplatte' crossing. The other crossings were not worth keeping. I placed the pot in a good place so that I could observe the plant very well. The plant gave a lot of flowers for such a young plant.

When I considered the new crossing, I made the name viti(cella)wester(platte) because the color was almost the same as C. 'Westerplatte'. This crossing has very nice red flowers, possibly the most 'red' Clematis.
C. 'Vitiwester'©Ton Hannink C. 'Vitiwester'©Ton Hannink C. 'Vitiwester'©Ton Hannink

Flower: flat or flattish, size 7-10 cm across, nodding, tepals 4 dark red (59A).

Height: 2-3 meter

During the test phase we also made a test with tissue culture (T.C.). They produced about 2000 plants and after 8 weeks it was a complete red mass. This hybrid can be propagated by T.C. or cuttings. The plant produces buds and flowers very easily and sometimes I had three lots of flowers in one year, by hard pruning after flowering.
C. 'Vitiwester' bud©Ton Hannink C. 'Vitiwester' leaves©Ton Hannink

Clematis 'Vitiwester' can be used in combination with shrubs, small trees and roses. You can combine the plant with flowers of the tree, shrub or rose or you can use it later when these have no more flowers and C. 'Vitiwester' has flowers.

C. 'Vitiwester' in a pot©Ton HanninkC. 'Vitiwester' can also be used with medium sized trellis and obelisks.

This viticella hybrid is very useful in pots as it is not too large. I have seen a number of examples whereby the plant is almost complete red.

Pruning must be done to keep the plant in condition or for reblooming.

Clematis 'Vitiwester' is very hardy. It is resistant to clematis-wilt and stands up well to wind. The plant needs a good soil and enough water and fertilizer in spring and summer. The best place for it is in half-shade to shade in the garden.

Ton Hannink and C. 'Vitiwester' Ton Hannink

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