Clematis 'Brianna'

Clematis of the Month for February 2018

described by Roy Nunn

C. 'Brianna'©Roy Nunn

Firstly, a description of the plant from Manfred Westphal himself. I quote;
"Regarding the Clematis vit. 'Brianna'. This C. viticella is a cross of C. 'Walenburg' and C. 'Venosa Violacea' in 2012 in my display garden. The breeder is F. Manfred Westphal J. First time for sale was 2014 from me.

This Clematis is free rich flowering and very healthy (no mildew). The growing up is 2.5 - 3.5 metre (8 - 12 feet). Flower period is from June to August/Sept. The diameter of the flower is 5cm. Any aspect and very hardy. Prune group 3. Seed heads are very beautiful".

Soon after Manfred's introduction of this plant I received a plant in the autumn and promptly grew it on, potting on into larger containers as required, the plant did not thrive well in pot culture and soon became pot bound, but a suitable place became available and was planted in our garden in the September of 2016. The plant grew quickly in our well drained alkaline soil and reached the top of our 2.00 metre boundary fence, by the end of April 2017.

C. 'Brianna' produced a few flowers in late May, going on to come into full flower in June, continuing to flower right through into mid November. The last few discoloured flowers were seen in mid December, but the plant is in full leaf as I write this just before Christmas.

C. 'Brianna'©Roy Nunn

One can see the influence of both parents in this plant having taken the flower shape of C. 'Wallenberg' and the colour of C. 'Venosa Violacea'.

C. 'Brianna'©Roy Nunn

The influence of C. viticella can also be seen in the lance shaped and twisted buds.

C. 'Brianna'©Roy Nunn

C. 'Brianna' flowering in mid. October (above and below)

C. 'Brianna'©Roy Nunn

Manfred states that his plants have "very beautiful seed heads" but I admit that this year C. 'Brianna' has only produced two seeds for me.

C. 'Brianna'©Roy Nunn

Seed head on Manfred's plant (above)

C. 'Brianna'©Roy Nunn

C. 'Brianna' still in full leaf mid December, but look to the right
and you see C. 'Mme Julia Correvon' showing its bare bones of winter.

Hoping for an excellent flowering season next year (2018) on C. 'Brianna' as this year has been really spectacular, this is a really good addition to the Viticella look alikes.

Roy Nunn Roy Nunn

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