Clematis 'Zo09087' ROSALYN

Clematis of the Month for August 2018

described by Linda Beutler

C. 'Zo09087' ROSALYN©Linda Beutler

C. 'Zo09087' ROSALYN©Linda BeutlerIf you are looking for a clematis to use as filler, perhaps as a unique textural background for more dramatic cultivars, you need seek no further than C. 'Zo09087' ROSALYN. It is easy to imagine this charming and rather less beefy entry into the Viticella Group knitting various perennials and clematis together without weighing down its companions or upstaging them. The double flower form is small and informal, the rosy color sparkling and varied—yet wonderful blended with strong reds, pinks, or the more violet-purple shades.

One imagines this new cultivar from Wim Snoeijer and Clematis Nursery J. van Zoest BV in Holland will most often be compared with C. 'Purpurea Plena Elegans' or C. viticella 'Flore Pleno' (syn. 'Mary Rose'), the other notable double flowered forms in the Viticella Group. C. 'Zo09087' ROSALYN is far more petite, reaching 2 meters in height at the most, and spreading not quite equally wide. The foliage is small and delicate, never overshadowing the flowers. The floral effect is one of casual exuberance, given the thinness of the four outermost sepals and the staminode sepals within. The ground color is bright rose, but any sepal or staminodium will have flares of near red or near white. Overall, the color is more clear, not dusty rose as in the case of "PPE" or the mulled purple of 'Mary Rose'.

The flowers of C. 'Zo09087' ROSALYN do not have the density and symmetry of the pom-poms of "PPE" and 'Mary Rose', but they make up for it in shear volume. The literature tells us the blooms should be 4 cm in width, but at the Rogerson Clematis Garden, where our plants of C. 'Zo09087' ROSALYN are in full sun and well-amended soil, that diameter can be over 5 cm, especially on the first blossoms of the season and persisting for a fortnight before heat diminishes the size. The fireworks begin in June. The vines might take a brief rest during the August heat, but any summer rain or the first drenching in September brings on a new explosion of blossoms.

C. 'Zo09087' ROSALYN and C. 'Zoprika' PRINCESS KATE©Linda BeutlerNor is C. 'Zo09087' ROSALYN the heavyweight vine upon maturity that others in the group can be. This makes it a much safer knitter of open spaces, least likely to swamp a living host, and never making a tall, bare-legged snarl of itself. This is destined to be an excellent choice for small gardens, and at last gives us a suggestion for those growing clematis in containers who want something like the Viticella Group form without the excessive vigor.

There are three tightly planted specimens of C. 'Zo09087' ROSALYN seen here, spaced in a triangle of one in front and two behind a wire cement reinforcement panel used as fencing. They are in one of several rows of modern Viticella and Texensis Group hybrids, and their near companions include 'Pagoda', 'Pendragon', 'Zoprika' PRINCESS KATE and 'Ruby Wedding'. The most popular pairing to emerge from such a proximity of clematis superstars − according to garden visitors − is C. 'Zo09087' ROSALYN and 'Zoprika' PRINCESS KATE (see picture on right). The bright froth of C. 'Zo09087' ROSALYN has proved the perfect contrast for the clean, tailored substance of 'Zoprika' PRINCESS KATE.

Linda Beutler Linda Beutler

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