Clematis 'Jasper'

Clematis of the Month for September 2018

described by Ton Hannink

C. 'Jasper'©Ton Hannink

Years ago in August I was wondering about a clematis in my garden. In this area there had been a very beautiful large Clematis rehderiana. The plant had died but then, a seedling appeared. The leaves of the plant were very similar to that of C. rehderiana or C. connata.

I was lucky that the first buds appeared, as they were not the same as C. rehderiana. Then I remembered that I had planted a small C. 'Jasper' in this place.

In 2002 I first saw this clematis in a garden. I did not know the name but after searching for a label, the problem was solved. The flowers are rather small and half open but the leaves were not the same as most clematis.

C. 'Jasper' was raised by Rinus Zwijnenburg from Holland. He was very interested in small clematis and found this clematis in amongst his seedlings. He believed that it was a crossing between C. potaninii var. fargesii × C. rehderiana . It was raised in 1989 and registered in 1991.

C. 'Jasper' leaves©Ton Hannink
C. 'Jasper'©Ton Hannink
C. 'Jasper' buds©Ton Hannink
C. 'Jasper'©Ton Hannink

Leaves, buds and lots of beautiful small flowers.

It is perennial climber with pinnate, dark green leaves. The height of the plant is 2-3 meters in my garden. The semi–nodding creamy–yellow flowers have a delicate slight perfume and are produced in great abundance on this vigorous climber.

The flowers are more open than C. rehderiana or C. connata. Flowering time is August/September.

I prune my plant every year to about 50 cm and in late Spring, the new shoots start to appear. The plant grows between two Camellia plants and must find his own way. Mostly the plant lays over my garden plants so that I can see it very easily.

This Clematis is very useful in the border, growing over garden plants or shrubs. Because the plant has late flowers, it is very nice in combination with shrubs that have very early flowers in the year. At this time of the year the texensis hybrids, C. rehderiana, C. connata and C. 'Jasper' start to flower so that you still have clematis in flower.

This clematis is hardy in Holland but prefers a rather dry place in winter in the garden, similar to C. rehderiana and C. connata. These clematis are very healthy and you have never problems with them, so they are very good to buy.

The pruning group is 3. You can prune this clematis every year very hard so that you have a lot of new shoots next year and therefore a lot of small beautiful flowers.

Ton Hannink Ton Hannink

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