Clematis 'Sweet Dreams'

Clematis of the Month for April 2021

described by Ton Hannink

[Editor's note: The majority of this Clematis of the Month was
previously published in our journal, "Clematis International 2020".]

C. 'Sweet Dreams'©Ton Hannink

Clematis 'Sweet Dreams'

Two years ago, I received this very special Clematis from M.L. Tsang from Hong Kong. She had featured this beautiful scented Clematis on Facebook. I was very interested in it because it is a hybrid of  C. cadmia.

In the past I have made many crosses with C. cadmia but this species is very dominant in crosses and is not scented. Most of my crosses had little or no scent. So for me, it was interesting to compare her hybrid and my hybrids.

If you look to the plant, then it looks like C. cadmia but it is taller.

Another problem with C. cadmia is that the plant drops its seeds very early so you must place the seedheads in small bags.
C. cadmia (left) and C. 'Sweet Dreams' (right)©Ton Hannink

C. cadmia on the left and C. 'Sweet Dreams' on the right showing the latter is taller than C. cadmia

Height: the plant is about 3 meters (9 feet) in height. The buds start at a height of 2 meters (6 feet).
Buds: about 5 cm (2 inches) long, narrow.
Flowers: diameter 10-11 cm (4 – 4½ inches), purple violet with darker markings and a deep red-purple bar. It is more floriferous than C. cadmia species.
Leaves: almost the same as those of species C. cadmia but a little bit darker.
Pruning in Europe: if you prune the plant hard in autumn, then you will get new shoots in spring and more buds/flowers on the plant. During the first year I had this plant, it grew very well but there were no flowers in autumn. Now, at the beginning of April, the plant stays between my different C. cadmia from China.

C. 'Sweet Dreams' flower beginning to open©Ton Hannink

C. 'Sweet Dreams' flower beginning to open

C. ‘Sweet Dreams’ – markings tend to show better in partial shade©Ton Hannink

C. ‘Sweet Dreams’ – markings tend to show better in partial shade

C. ‘Sweet Dreams’ showing green bar on reverse©Ton Hannink

C. ‘Sweet Dreams’ showing green bar on reverse

C. cadmia (left and right) with C. ‘Sweet Dreams’ in the centre©Ton Hannink

C. cadmia (left and right) with C. ‘Sweet Dreams’ in the centre

This is a very interesting hybrid with a beautiful color and good scent and I am happy that I have got such an healthy plant.

Ton HanninkTon Hannink

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