Clematis 'Utop012' LAVALLEE NO.1

Clematis of the Month for September 2023

described by Pascale Krüger

C. 'Utop012' LAVALLEE NO.1©Marie-Laure Rauline

C. 'Utop012' LAVALLEE NO.1

C. 'Utop012' LAVALLEE NO.1©Ton HanninkI’m honored to write this edition of Clematis of the Month as I’m asked to write about one of the most beautiful crossings Ton Hannink has made in his career as a breeder, namely Clematis 'Utop012' LAVALLEE NO.1.

In 2014 Ton had a beautiful surprise waiting for him at his greenhouse. He had already seen that the buds of the flowers were promising but he had to be patient for it to open. Despite of what you would suspect a breeder to be, Ton was everything but patient when it concerned waiting for his new varieties to bloom. So when he finally could see this beauty opening up he was totally surprised of the colour combination he saw. It’s silky shining flowers are very intriguing to look at because of how the colors are blending into each other.

C 'Utop012' LAVALLEE NO.1 is a result from a crossing between two species of Asian origin. It’s very floriferous and will bloom continuously from May to July. The intrigue silky shining flowers will vary from 11 to 15 centimeters across, composed of 6 tepals. The flowers are upfacing on their stems like they are greeting the sun. At the base of the white-violet filament the color of the tepals starts of white and gradually turns into deep purple going towards the edges. The tepals are oval-shaped and pointed.

The plant will wrap naturally around support using its leaves. Due to its climbing mentality, it can reach heights between 1.5 to 2 meters both in width and in height. Thanks to its vigorous development, it will look sublime on a trellis.

To create the optimal colours this plant likes to be in half shaded positions and humid soils. It can be pruned very hard as this will keep the plant in good condition and will make it to develop more stems. Depending on how big you would like to grow the plant you can choose to prune it after spring. It will then develop new flowers late summer.

C. 'Utop012' LAVALLEE NO.1©Ton Hannink C. 'Utop012' LAVALLEE NO.1©Marie-Laure Rauline

This clematis is ideally recommended for more experienced gardeners.

C 'Utop012' LAVALLEE NO.1 is an exclusive novelty of Javoy Plantes in Europe and Asia. In North-America, it is marketed by Spring Hill Nurseries as Clematis Amaranthine.

Pascale Krüger Pascale Krüger

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