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Welcome to the Society webinar videos. In September 2020, our president, Jeff Jabco, suggested holding a Zoom educational online seminar (webinar) to connect and communicate with members during the troubled COVID-19 pandemic times, when normal meetings were not possible. Although COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed, the webinars have proved so popular that the Society has decided to continue running them.

All webinars are recorded. Whilst the majority of events are for Society members only, and the recordings are also restricted to this audience, each year we typically hold one or two events which are open to the general public. The latest public webinar, which was very popular with over 110 attendees, is available here. In addition, on this page is a short video explaining the benefits of membership of this Society. It is only 5 minutes long, so I hope you all will view it.

Webinar sessions are run using Zoom software, available on most platforms. It is free for individuals to download and install. Although you should not need to install the software to participate in future events, it may make life easier.

You shouldn’t need any special software to view this recorded webinar as it is stored in the near universal "mp4" format.

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