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Pruning Group 3 - hard prune in early spring.

The group comprises the hybrids of C. texensis, native to Texas, USA. They require full sun and a lot of love, certainly a bit more care than the rest of the clematis within this list, but their allure surely makes up for the additional effort. The blossoms, which are borne in summer (starting from July) and early autumn on new wood, resemble lily-flowered tulips. Stems reach up to 3 m and need be cut at ground level in early spring as the previous year's shoots most frequently die out. The group is unfortunately susceptible to powdery mildew, but if they are planted in sunny and airy position in well-drained soil, and supplied with plenty water, the risk of disease falls significantly.

C. 'Gravetye Beauty' C. 'Gravetye Beauty' - elongated, bell-shaped, red flowers ageing to pink. This cultivar opens to a much flatter flower than most others in the texensis group. Clematis on the Web
C. 'Princess Diana' C. 'Princess Diana' - tulip-shaped flowers, pinkish red on the outside of the sepals and intense pink on the inside. Clematis on the Web

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